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Bleed Steam Check Valve H664H/H644H/H764H/H744H

  • Nominal Dimesion:4”~42” (DN100~DN1000)
  • Nominal Pressure:ANSI 150#~900# SPL (1.6Mpa~16Mpa)
  • Suitable Temperature:-29°C ~570°C
  • Connection Type:Butt weld / flange ANSI B 16.25/ANSI B 16.5/ANSI B16.47
  • Manufacturing Standard:High temperature and high pressure steam
  • Body Material:ASTM A216、WCB/A217 WC6/A217 WC9

Name: Bleed Steam Check Valve H664H/H644H/H764H/H744H

Applied at the steam extraction pipeline and high pressure cylinder exhausting pipeline.

Medium: High temperature and high pressure steam.


n  Comply with ASME B 16.34/E101/JB T3595

n  Side or top mounted fast close actuator

n  Auto close, with pneumatic actuator fast closing assist

n  Disc and seat will auto-center to make seal mated

n  With damping counter weight to balance the disc and prevent water hammer

n  Streamline runner design, high folw and small flow resistance

Technical Data:

Class: ANSI 150#~900# SPL

Size: DN100~DN1000

End connection: Butt weld / flange

Temperature: -29°C ~600°C

Material: ASTM A216 WCB/A217/WC6/A217 WC9

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