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Hydraulic Controlled Spherical Valve

  • Nominal Dimesion:DN600~DN3000
  • Nominal Pressure:PN3.0Mpa~PN10.0Mpa
  • Suitable Temperature:≤80°C
  • Connection Type:Butt weld / flange
  • Manufacturing Standard:Water, sea water, water included silt and etc.
  • Body Material:WCB/ZG20SiMn/SS316/Carbon Steel

Name: Hydraulic Controlled Spherical Valve

Used in hydropower station (or pump storage power plant) as inlet valve when the net water head is more than 300meters. It is installed at inlet of the spiral case of hydraulic turbine.

Main function:

1. To provide safe working conditions for examination and maintenance.

2. To reduce water leakage during set stopping period and reduce necessary starting time.

3. To prevent enlargement of accidents caused by the set’s running away.

Medium: water, sea water, water included silt and etc.


n  Two seal: maintenance seal in upstream, working seal in downstream.

n  Stainless steel sealing pairs

n  Pressure oil storing tank as operating system

n  Open, closing, closing by dynamic water, ensure safety

Technical Data:

Class: PN3.0Mpa~PN10.0Mpa

Size: DN600~DN3000

End connection: Butt weld / flange

Temperature: 80°C

Material: WCB/ZG20SiMn/SS316/Carbon Steel


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