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Air Release Valve

  • Nominal Dimesion:DN50~DN600
  • Nominal Pressure:PN1.0Mpa~4.0Mpa
  • Suitable Temperature:-10°C ~80°C
  • Connection Type:Flange
  • Manufacturing Standard:Water
  • Body Material:Nodular cast iron, Carbon steel, etc.

Name: Air Release Valve

Widely used in water pipeline and thermodynamic cycle pipeline.


n  Exhausting quickly no matter whether there are multi section of water and air column

n  High-speed air flow of outlet has no effect on the floating ball, make sure that over fall or fast air flow would not drive the ball up

n  Floating ball not standing against the outlet, free of stucking

n  Fast opening and slow closing, and efficient exhaust function improves the utilization of flow cross-section of pipeline, reduces resistance and saves energy, and secure the pipeline

Technical Data:

Class: PN1.0Mpa~4.0Mpa

Size: DN50~DN600

End connection: Flange

Temperature: -10°C~ 80°C

Material: Nodular cast iron, Carbon steel, etc.

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